BDD Test Automation Framework

Opteamix Behavior Driven Test Automation Framework solution implements Behavior-driven Development (abbreviated BDD) principles that focuses on the users’ opinion on how they want your application to behave. The test automation framework allows business users to use “Given, When, Then,” vocabulary and plain text sentences to create a ubiquitous language that describes and help to validate the functionality of the applications. This framework helps speed up the automation of functional and regression testing during the Software Development Life Cycle. Our test automation framework allows end-to-end test automation of applications and is designed to work with Agile test approaches.

  • The Opteamix test automation framework speeds up the testing cycle by streamlining QA efforts and simplifying the test automation process.
  • We have helped businesses to crunch the testing cycle by 20%-30% because of increased automation
  • The framework facilitates high scalability and coverage due to end-to-end automation capability resulting in better quality deliverables
  • It is a ready-to-use solution with a high degree of flexibility
  • Simplifies test automation as it allows the users to describe behavior scenarios that can be written in plain language
  • By improving the quality of the code, the framework helps reduce the cost of maintenance and helps reduce project risks.