MobileQuikr is Opteamix enterprise-grade, Rapid Mobile App Development platform designed and engineered to deliver fully-functional mobile apps without compromising on user experience, functionality, security or cost within days. It is a drag-and-drop development environment for building mobile apps. MobileQuikr will help organizations reduce application development and maintenance costs by 40-50%. The accelerator components have been engineered to work seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. Using this solution framework, Opteamix’s development will incorporate standard application components and functions at a fraction of the cost if it were to be developed from scratch.

  • The solution framework helps in prototyping and rapid mobile app development
  • Reduces time-to-market and development costs by 50%
  • The framework has been designed keeping the digital paradigm in mind, wherein mobile apps can be developed within weeks or days
  • Given that the underlying solution framework has been tested rigorously, the quality of the apps developed using this accelerator is significantly higher
  • When an app is developed on both iOS and Android using the framework, up to 60% of the code can be reused.
  • MobileQuikr facilitates easily collection of feedback, that enables the development team to iterate and develop a mobile app that satisfies the customer’s requirement