Opteamix next-generation Identity and Access Management solution accelerator – Secure360, enables organizations to manage identity and access policies that existing in their complex digital ecosystems. Secure360 is a ready to deploy, fully integrated solution that provides User Management and Provisioning, Single Sign-on (SSO), Active Directory (AD) integration and Reporting. It has a rich UI and the user-friendly controls enable it to be integrated into IT landscapes of all shapes and sizes. Secure360 is future-proof and can be integrated with other applications and tools through API integration

  • Secure360 is a holistic identity and access management that helps organizations minimize risk, streamline operations, and reduce cost.
  • It is a flexible and versatile solution that can help manage both web and mobile applications deployed on-premise or in a cloud environment
  • Given that manual processes for IAM is expensive and time consuming, Secure360 frees up IT resources to work on core IT functions.
  • The centralized platform and rich UI allows for fine-grained entitlements that enables organizations to manage access to data as per their compliance and business requirements.
  • Technology agnostic and supports integration and easy interoperability with other tools and platforms
  • The role-based template provides easy provisioning methods to scale down effort in on-boarding new users.
  • The platform is SOX compliant