Building a digital collaboration platform leveraging Dropbox

Vikram Channagiri
Director, Technical
18 January '17

In today’s fast-paced era of digital transformation, businesses are looking at having innovative ways to collaborate, improve productivity and stay at the forefront of their respective industries. Dropbox for Business is a tool that facilitates workplace collaboration. Dropbox for Business ensures better administrative and audit controls by the IT administrator whilst permitting users to have segregated cloud containers for their official and personal documents. The two Dropoxes that come with two different passwords that ensures easier isolation of accounts helping the users manage their accounts effectively while ensuring appropriate security and audit measures. A growing number of companies in manufacturing and construction sectors are depending upon Dropbox for Business to ease the process of accessing and sharing designs and documents.  Dropbox thus enables quicker response to customer requests.

While working with one of our clients we came upon a unique request. The client didn’t want to use the Dropbox in a traditional way. The request was to integrate Dropbox with a digital platform that allowed selective document sharing directly through Dropbox. This was a unique use case, and the technical challenges involved attracted the team. Most mobile applications use Dropbox just for uploading and downloading images or documents and reference implementations for such a use case was available but this use case was breaking new ground.  Providing selective access to multiple users and share drawings, designs and documents without compromising on security of the rest of the Dropbox was a challenge that was in front of us. We had to onboarding Dropbox accounts of multiple users on a single platform and yet maintain proper visibility, data security and data integrity without compromising on ease of usability.

After extensive brainstorming and discussions, Usability and development team came up with the design and built this new Dropbox Integration service and deployed it optimally to allow inter-application communication, which is not possible otherwise without the support of latest Dropbox APIs.  This was achieved with the help of Dropbox over the cloud. Now, we have seamless experience of mobile application with multiple hierarchies of Dropbox folders to access various documents and there is a seamless collaboration between multiple users directly through their Dropbox.