Application Development Methodology

Leveraging our Global Delivery Model, Opteamix application development methodology integrates the best of all development methodologies. The methodology we follow helps clients and project teams manage the Software Development Life Cycle from requirements to deployment to support and maintenance. We have ample experience working on both sequential software development methodologies, such as a waterfall model, and also on Agile software development processes, such as the Scrum model. We assimilate the best practices from across the industry for both the methodologies. The selection of development methodology depends solely upon customer requirements.

A. Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall model is the most tested and most widely-used model in the field of software development. Opteamix, with its penchant for innovation, has added inventive dimensions to this model. Waterfall is an ideal approach for clients if they are looking for simplicity in the implementation process. Opteamix specializes in various versions of a waterfall model and is competent in customizing the phases to overlap or provide feedback after each phase, which makes designing the software a lot simpler. The major advantages of a waterfall model are:

Agile Methodology in Software Development

B. Agile Methodology

Opteamix implements an adapted Agile methodology for global delivery that assists and enables clients to effectively reduce costs and deliver quality service with minimized risk factors. This delivery methodology allows our expert teams to work in small groups and install value rapidly. Whether clients are implementing an Agile delivery model for the first time, or aspiring to extend their Agile efforts to harness the full Software Development Life Cycle, Opteamix provides support to harness the full benefits of Agile.  Our Agile delivery model includes: Agile Methodology in Software Development

Opteamix' Agile delivery model will help clients in:

Agile Methodology in Software Development