Build Operate Transfer

One of our engagement models at Opteamix is designed to build a “Private Instance of a Global Delivery Capability” with an option to own – commonly known as Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). Our BOT services help organizations tap into the global resource pool with no up-front investment, using a low-risk “Build only what you need” model. This model is built on the principle of reducing the unknowns and continuously providing the ROI from the very beginning of the engagement.

In this model, Opteamix becomes an extension of the client’s organizational operations, ensuring that they enjoy all the benefits of global delivery, with the option of retaining total control. We build the client’s operations on required technology, customized processes, and infrastructure. Once the client is ready, we gradually transfer the ownership of complete operations. The clients control the projects and skill allocations – our skilled and proficient team members become their employees, and are fully integrated into their corporate culture.

Using our Build-Operate-Transfer approach, we ensure complete transparency, effectiveness, and impeccable quality, supported with a smooth workflow. We help clients accomplish their business objectives under their own directions. During the transfer stage, they have the option of retaining the same individuals together with the complete processes that brought positive results.

Build Operate Transfer Approach