Engagement Models

We believe that every business is unique, and each of them has challenges and opportunities that are specific to them. At Opteamix, based on our years of experience in executing projects using global delivery, we have defined engagement models that typically fit most organizations. However, these models are flexible, and can be tailored to accommodate the distinct needs of each client, and are fine-tuned based on industry best practices. The pricing models for these options can be either Fixed-Price, Time and Material, or a BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer), and are dependent on the client requirements.

Based on our extensive experience, we offer the following individual engagement frameworks--or a combination thereof to optimally deliver our services:

A.Onsite Model

This model is a highly customer-facing and client centric-model and is recommended only when the development team is required to work closely with the client's stakeholders in real time. This model is suited for projects where the scope is not clearly defined, or projects that are open-ended and iterative in nature. This framework works very effectively in the short term, wherein Opteamix will augment the client’s team to complete time-bound requirements by working at the client’s office.

The Opteamix Delivery Manager and Account Management team will work closely with the consultants and Client Manager to ensure that the assigned team is working seamlessly with the client. Responsibility for the delivery might rest with either the client or Opteamix and is based on client requirements. In the long run, this model is expensive for the client and it is recommended to move to an Onsite-Offsite model or Hybrid Global Delivery model.

Onsite Engagement Model

B. Offshore Model

This model is recommended for clients who have previous experience working with offshore models, and is preferred only where the project has clearly defined requirements and is well-planned in advance. Generally, these projects are well suited for ongoing maintenance and support activities where the projects are long-term and extensive. Under this framework, the client will be dealing directly with the team working out of our Offshore Delivery Center in Bangalore, India, using teleconferences or video-conferencing.

This model ensures that the client achieves maximum cost savings. Opteamix has an Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) that has state-of-the-art infrastructure and is ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant, to enable seamless delivery and safeguard the client’s Intellectual Property (IP).  Our well-developed Quality Management System, governance, and communication ensures predictable framework.

Offshore Engagement Model

C. Offsite / Nearshore Model

This engagement model is designed for clients who want to reduce their costs by outsourcing the project work, yet need the flexibility of having the project team be based within United States, either because of legal or operational reasons. For clients in need of an offsite engagement framework, we have a state-of-the-art Delivery Center located at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado. We offer this option to our clients, and work with them to ensure that we deliver high level of quality, service and reliability.

Under this model, Opteamix takes responsibility for architecting, developing, testing, integrating and managing technology services and solutions. The offsite team will work with the clients in a highly collaborative manner, and enable them to have a face-to-face interaction in real time and on a regular basis. This is especially beneficial when the client’s requirements are not well-defined and are expected to change during the course of the project, or when they don’t have the necessary space for additional staff and equipment. The offsite team is also supported by Centers of Excellence.

Offsite Engagement Model

D. Offshore-Onsite Model

This is a highly collaborative engagement model with a combination of offshore and onsite team, aimed at optimizing speed, efficiency, and cost of software development. There is a high degree of collaboration between the offshore, onsite, and client teams, and this model is designed to work as an extended arm of the client. This framework is suited for new application development and maintenance projects.

Under this model, all of the work is distributed between our onsite team at the client’s office, and our Offshore Development Center (ODC) based out of our Delivery Center in Bangalore, India. The onsite teams are responsible for knowledge-intensive activities such as project coordination, requirements, technical leadership, and relationship management. The offshore teams are responsible for labor-intensive activities such as design, development, testing, integration, deployment, and more.

The dedicated offshore team helps in knowledge retention and is supported by Centers of Excellence. Opteamix offers clients both onsite and offshore teams in all types, sizes, and services, based on the level of critical functioning that best fits their business needs.

Offshore Onsite Engagement Model

E. Hybrid Global Delivery Model

Opteamix’s Hybrid Global Delivery is an innovative and highly efficient delivery model, as it combines the best features of onsite, offsite, and offshore delivery models. This model involves three teams working: one at the client’s location, a second one from the Opteamix Delivery Center in Denver, Colorado, and a third team from our Delivery Center in Bangalore, India.

Under this framework, the planning and requirement stages of a project, including ongoing collaboration, are executed onsite at the client's office, while all the subsequent development and support phases are carried out from the offsite/offshore locations. Any urgent requirements will be catered to by the offsite location.  Our highly proven delivery methodology ensures knowledge transfer takes place between the onsite, offsite, and offshore teams, making this model highly scalable, cost effective, and operationally beneficial. The offsite team takes responsibility for all the coordination between offshore and the onsite teams.

Hybrid Global Delivery Model