Capital Markets

The global economic meltdown had a great impact on the capital markets resulting in uncertainty. Regulatory compliance, globalization, and technology innovation have necessitated that organizations to find new avenues to succeed in a very highly competitive environment. Capital market and wealth management firms are looking to engage with technology partners who can enable them to transform their business, leveraging technology and facilitating competitive advantage.

At Opteamix, we combine capital market experience with our expertise in emerging technologies to offer end-to-end solutions to our clients. We work with our clients through the complete trade life cycle from pre-trade to settlements, processing data from multiple sources, deploying straight-through-processing, and migrating from a legacy-based technical landscape to a highly efficient cloud-based environment. Given that the sector is highly data-driven, our main area of focus is risk management and analytics that help firms make informed decisions.

We offer our clients a flexible engagement model and technology partnership that help them to stay ahead of the curve while ensuring business agility and speed to market, coupled with productivity and cost reduction using a global delivery model. Our strength stems from our comprehensive experience in building applications for capital markets across the globe and providing our services in the following areas:

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