Financial Services

Today, financial services firms across the globe are confronted with rising costs on one hand, and limited profitability on the other, due to several global economic factors such as cyber-crimes, increased regulatory oversight, compliance and unmanaged data explosion from transactions, and social interactions across multiple channels. The Financial Services sector is on the cusp of change, as established financial enterprises and start-ups embrace the new age of transformation technologies, and invest in continuous innovation.

At Opteamix, we focus on supporting all major segments across the financial services sector to embrace the future. Our strength is derived from our deep heritage in building applications for financial institutions across the globe. Our highly competent technology team is meticulous with complex financial services architectures, with extensive experience in transforming financial enterprises, who in turn are supported by dedicated financial services experts that bring with them industry best practices and insight.

Our service portfolio is designed to build and deliver custom solutions that enable holistic IT transformation to meet business objectives and help drive optimal ROI on technology investment. We specialize in providing services for these segments:

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