Manager _ Performance Management

Manager _ Performance Management

Job Responsibilities

The responsibility of the performance management manager is to bring in strategic and operational leadership in the design, development, implementation, administration, and communication of the performance management framework in Opteamix. S/he oversees and manages all activities related to the performance management cycle and manages all communication, sensitization and monitoring of the process to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to the business needs.

  • Hold atleast a Master’s degree or its equivalent, in Human Resources Management, Organisational Development, or a related discipline.
  • Additional professional qualification/certification in Human Resources Management or performance management is advantageous.
  • Have a minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in Human Resources, especially in Performance management processes and tools, or other related Human Resources fields.
  • Familiarity with HRIS tools that support Performance Management processes/activities; Management of 360-degree feedback processes in a multi-cultural, complex business environment.


  • Under the overall supervision of the head of people practice, the incumbent will undertake the following:
  • Design, implement and monitor performance management to employees and team understanding of the goals and competencies and to identify how individual and team outputs contribute to the achievement of Opteamix’s objectives; specifically, through managing the performance cycle.
  • Work in liaison with key stakeholders to establish and support the link between strategic business objectives and people’s day-to-day actions and tasks by implementing a process for tracking progression from goal setting, mid-year reviews and yearend evaluations to support individual, team and organizational performance.
  • Ensure targeted communication and capacity building programs in the performance management process to enable managers to effectively evaluate and measure individual and team performance and to optimize performance and productivity.
  • Manage and coordinate organization-wide efforts to ensure that performance management and performance improvement programs are developed and managed using a data-driven approach that sets priorities for improvements in line with ongoing strategic imperatives.
  • Develop and communicate the strategic vision, scope, priorities, processes, systems, and tools of the performance management unit.
  • In liaison with the total rewards & recognition executive, contribute to designing, implementing, and managing effective recognition programs to reward employee contributions.
  • In liaison with the learning & leadership development, talent management and resource management executives, contribute to the design, implementation and management of effective leadership and employee development and talent management initiatives to address performance gaps related to capacity/knowledge gaps among employees and overall talent sourcing, management, and resource mobility programs.
  • Design, implement and manage organization-wide performance training/capacity building for all levels of employees and management to drive for positive and measurable impact on the culture and performance of Opteamix.
  • Collaborate and advise on the design of performance management system/tools infrastructure required to support a company-wide performance system; ensuring that needed data is collected on a timely basis, regular reports on progress are distributed and recommendations are made for future improvements, based on the data.
  • Drive company-wide processes for sharing best practices, tools/materials, and ongoing communication activities for performance improvement. In line with this, establish and disseminate guidelines and manuals which will serve as reference documents on employee performance management for appraisers and appraisers.
  • Coordinate with the human relationship Partners for the implementation by the HR department and managers of consequences related to performance evaluation results, e.g. performance pay, Performance Improvement Plans, responses to requests for revision of the evaluation, reward and recognition activities, learning and development activities, etc.
  • Oversee the implementation of key performance measures, core competencies and core values into performance appraisal system.
  • Lead, manage and monitor the design, implementation, and effective use of 360-degree feedback process; including the dissemination of individual reports and coordination of development discussions between managers and their team members.
  • Design capacity development interventions and coordinate the implementation of learning programs and coaching activities to address areas of development (in liaison with Leadership and Development Officer); to enhance the people management/performance management practice across the company
  • Keep the Senior Management informed on critical issues concerning the implementation of the performance management process; make recommendations to Senior Management on key decision points regarding this process; and seek guidance from senior management on critical issues.
  • Lead initiatives for introducing/maintaining best practices, including benchmarking relevant policies and practices with similar organizations or market leaders, as may be approved from time to time.

Key Skills: Performance Management, Capacity building, Performance improvement programs, Rewards & Recognition, KPI, OKR, PMS
Location: Bangalore
Years of Experience: 7-10 years

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