Note from the CEO – Opteamix is here for you!
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Note from the CEO – Opteamix is here for you!

Tony Hadzi

I hope everyone continues to be well and safe as we approach our 4th week of remote operations. I wanted to express my continued gratitude for your patience and support during this unprecedented situation. We have all worked together despite our distances and have supported our families, clients, and communities in every way we can, as individuals and as a team!

We remain resilient as a team, continue to operate and communicate daily embracing every opportunity to provide our best for each other and our clients.

To our clients, we are there for you, we are working hard to ensure uninterrupted service, meet all the objectives, with uncompromised quality and I thank you for being with us! The safety of your people and your clients are every part of our mission as well. This chain has to be stronger now than ever before.

The operating methods and actions we have implemented to enable remote working, are working well and we continue to fine tune these with our clients to make sure nothing is missed, and everything is examined for improvement. Our team is consistently on the lookout for new strategies and innovations that will help us move forward during these testing times and deliver seamlessly to our clients.

As many of our clients continue to operate critical projects and still require that we mitigate any disruptions, we have adapted all practices to be able to deliver unhindered, including adding additional resources to their teams. In this regard, we have adapted the talent acquisition process to virtual interviews, virtual onboarding (including contactless laptop delivery) and virtual inductions.

There will be ups and downs in our social and business environments going forward, and no doubt some will be more challenging at times. We will learn from the downs and we will celebrate the ups and we will do it together! All that matters right now is we see this through together and come out stronger than before!

Your continued diligence and safety will always be our top priority.

Stay safe, stay healthy, practice wellness and know we are always there for you!

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