DevOps Services

DevOps enables enterprises to increase efficiency while quickening delivery cycle time and reducing the cost of operations. We enable businesses to bring development and operation teams together so as to accelerate business transformation and streamline processes.

There is a need for both the Development and Operations teams in enterprises to work in collaboration by automating processes and integrating Agile methodologies. DevOps aims to transform the application lifecycle management leveraging the concepts of continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous feedback and collaboration. DevOps is at the heart of ensuring agility, predictability, velocity and speed of delivery in a digital world.

Opteamix delivers end-to-end DevOps solutions and services that span the complete application lifecycle. We leverage our experience and expertise in Development, Operations and Automation to apply agile and scrum principles across the software delivery lifecycle. We have extensive experience in DevOps implementation and leverage this to implement solutions that reduce time to market while increasing productivity. Our solutions are designed to automate and standardize development and operational tasks, and help businesses maximize the benefits of their DevOps investment.

Our DevOps service offerings include:

  • DevOps consulting services
  • DevOps Infrastructure
  • Build & Release Management
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • DevOps Automation
  • Provisioning
  • Production Support
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