Cross Platform Mobile App Development

While the ability to support multiple mobile platforms from a single code base is a tempting ambition, user experience issues have hindered wider acceptance of cross-platform mobile app development. We are highly skilled in developing cross-platform apps that are not only functional but are highly intuitive and stable.

Given the inherent benefits and drawbacks of cross-platform mobile app development, it is quite imperative to invest in the right development partner to unlock the advantages of the platform while ensuring the impact of the limitations does not affect the performance of the mobile app.

At Opteamix we have built expertise to leverage the capabilities of cross-platform app development platforms like Xamarin and Cordova. Our team has extensive experience in creating applications that work on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our mobile app development team will choose the development framework based on the business requirement and ensure that we leverage the full capabilities of the platform to deliver the optimal business results.

Our mobility practice stays updated about trending technologies and has been delivering business solutions using technologies such as Xamarin, Cordova, PhoneGap, HTML5 and SenchaTouch. Our solutions will enhance user experience, improve customer satisfaction, reduce development costs, and provide the required competitive outcome.

Technology Stack

Our Cross-platform app development team specializes in:

  • Xamarin
  • Adobe PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Sencha Touch
  • HTML5/CSS/JavaScript / Angular.js
  • Back-end development and integration via SOAP/REST