Analytics and Business Intelligence

Business decisions based on intuition and past successes can be very risky in the current competitive market environment, where informed and analyzed decisions are a must for success. Our Analytics and Business Intelligence team offers a structured, robust and agile solution, which includes statistics, prognostic analysis, data mining, forecasting, predictive analysis, and optimization. We align and integrate these metrics with our client’s unique business environment for better and faster decision-making.

Our Analytics and Business Intelligence services help organizations select the appropriate solution that is aligned with their goals. As a technology-agnostic company, we have the ability to build teams on any of the industry-standard technologies including open-source technologies, such as Hadoop and MongoDB, so as not to lock any client with any vendor.

Our service not only encompasses developing components of the business intelligence ecosystem for data provisioning, management, and consumption, but also consists of professionals experienced in business case definition and deriving business value from both structured and unstructured data.

Our Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions include the following:

Analytics and Business Intelligence Companies