IT Operations

The digital era has warranted the need for organizations to embrace new technologies, in order to keep up with rising customer expectations. In tandem, traditional IT operations are expected to evolve from legacy models and undergo an upheaval of existing outdated tools and methodologies.

Organizations today face constant challenges to efficiently optimize their IT operations without compromising on security, as well as quality. Opteamix helps businesses reduce IT expenditures and gain efficiencies by providing 24/7 IT Operations (ITOps) Services.

At Opteamix, we understand the potential challenges our customers face in managing IT operations that drive their core business services. We recognize that IT environments supporting these businesses have grown exponentially, amidst overly complicated mounting business and compliance requirements.

Our ITOps Service offerings enable organizations to modernize their IT operations while helping them mitigate the risks of business-impacting incidents. We handle risks and optimize costs by reducing the total cost of ownership, ensuring quick deployment, standardizing support processes, thus allowing businesses to focus completely on their core competencies. We work closely with organizations to build a framework for managing agile IT Operations, to ensure that they remain competitive in response to the ever-increasing demands of their customers.

Our capability in monitoring operations and infrastructure round the clock ensures that your operations run at its optimal best. Our service offerings include a suite of reliable, flexible, and proven services and solutions. At Opteamix we strongly believe that the future of IT Operations is dependent on automation of the processes and we work closely with the customers to transform technology operations leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

We are the partner of choice for some of the most recognized organizations across the globe in cloud computing services. As a trusted partner, we have helped customers design, build, migrate, and manage their cloud infrastructure outsourcing needs to create agile, secure, and highly available environments to support their business objectives.

We help reduce IT expenditures while providing faster and flexible service through the adoption of industry best practices and standards. Our ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant facility guarantees data security, integrity, and reliability.

IT Operations Services

  • 24X7 ServiceDesk
  • Monitoring – Infra/App
  • End-User Management
  • Data Centre Management
  • Database Administration
  • Application Management

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Opteamix is a digital automation technology consulting firm with deep expertise in Application Development, Robotic Process Automation, AI, DevOps, Enterprise Mobility, and Test Automation Services. We are headquartered in Denver, Colorado with a wholly-owned delivery center in Bangalore, India.