IT Support

Sample Processes
User Provisioning

RPA enables IT to automate user provisioning and de-provisioning to assign appropriate access, keeping the principles of least privilege based on role title and department. It also helps in rotating passwords, enforcing segregation of duty and running periodic certifications.

Incident Management

RPA helps IT in Incident Management by configuring bots to identify incidents before they are noticed by regular users. It also updates multiple systems, triggering responses / diagnostics, updating the knowledge DB, and escalating based on business rules.

Patch Management

RPA helps the IT department implement better security policies by automating the sending of alerts, delivery of security patches / updates, caching patches prior to installation and automatically retrying failed patch installations until they are successful.

Backup and Restoration

RPA helps in automating the process of backup, testing backups, restoration, and sending relevant alerts. It is also used to automate disaster recovery procedures such as rerouting of network information, restart of systems, restore of backup from cloud, etc.

Server Provisioning

RPA can be leveraged to automate the process of building, provisioning decommissioning servers, modifying servers (increase/decrease CPU, memory, disk space, etc.) and performing lifecycle tasks (e.g. stop/restart snapshots).


RPA can be leveraged to monitor, IT assets such as networks, servers, routers, firewalls, load balancers, etc. and provide updates and measurements in real-time. They can trigger in-built workflows for auto remediation based on predefined business rules.

The role of IT operations in organizations has evolved over the decades. As digital technologies become deeply embedded in the fabric of how companies compete, it has compelled the IT department to embrace disruptive digital technologies. From user provisioning to incident management to cloud provisioning, organizations are looking to automate routine system administration tasks around IT applications and infrastructure to elevate IT from the mundane to the strategic. RPA has emerged as a powerful change agent, with IT departments around the globe embracing it as a means for IT transformation.


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