Sample Processes
Claims Processing

RPA helps insurers in gathering data from various sources and processing the claims accurately and quickly leveraging rules-based decision making.


RPA helps insurance companies mitigate risks and move from being risk insurers to risk mitigators. RPA in underwriting will help insurers to onboard new customers while reducing the turnaround time.

Regulatory Compliance

RPA plays a critical role in improving governance and regulatory compliance. It simplifies compliance by keeping detailed logs of automated processes, automatically generating the reports an auditor needs to see, and eliminating human error.

Fraud Detection

RPA and AI help in mitigating risks by detecting fraud in transactions by analyzing data and finding unusual patterns / trends and suspicious behavior.

Policy Management

RPA enables insurers to administer insurance policies from issuing policies to endorsements/changes in the policy to cancellation of policies, by automating the back-end processes.

Business Analytics

RPA enables insurance companies to collect data that can be used to streamline the processes in an efficient manner while also helping them gather valuable data on customer preferences.

Insurance companies across the world are heavily inundated with back-office forms as most of the documentation process is paper based. Additionally, their heavy reliance legacy systems prevented them from delivering timely customer service, creating a better customer experience, and meeting growth expectations. Insurance companies across the world are turning to automation technologies to help them being in efficiency in their processes and reduce the operational cost. They are looking at RPA and AI not just to streamline their processes and improve the efficiency, but also help in delivering timely and personalized customer service, while reducing operational costs drastically.


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