Cognitive Automation

Although Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology, the benefits reaped have shown that it has the potential to take businesses to the next level of digital transformation. As companies embrace automation and increase its application within the system, the next logical step is to move towards Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) or Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) to leverage the power of AI-based technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Computing. When combined with these next-generation digital technologies, RPA will evolve into Cognitive Process Automation, delivering additional value by learning and adapting to optimize its processes.

UiPath Cognitive Automation

Blending Artificial Intelligence & RPA technology into an automation solution means more than just greater accuracy and scalability, it also delivers 3X faster cycle times and more than 50% reduction in overall spends. With UIPath’s revolutionary Intelligent Automation, the future of productivity and strategy is massively enhanced.

IQ bots by Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot™ delivers automation using the most advanced cognitive technology, works to make sense of critical information hidden in unstructured data and structures it in ways that can be processed by other bots and applications to improve straight-through processing without human involvement dramatically.

Engage Deeper

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