Working Together Towards Success – People Practices to Aid Remote Working
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Working Together Towards Success – People Practices to Aid Remote Working

Shalu Priya

Apart from inducing panic and uncertainty amidst the general population, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the way things work, raising concerns about what ‘business as usual’ will look like in the future. At Opteamix, solving our customers’ problems is the one unconditional driving force that keeps us going, that keeps us innovating, and that keeps us up at night! Problems and their solutions, ultimately, revolve around the people who solve them and the people whose lives are made better because of these solutions.

We truly believe that our success in meeting the needs of our clients lies in continued support and expertise of our people. To that end, it is imperative that despite the chaos around us, we continue our quest to keep our peoples happy by enhancing our people practices and providing the motivation needed while the world still grapples with the aftereffects of the global pandemic. This blog is aimed to give you a snippet of what we are doing at Opteamix to ensure that our people and their families continue to stay happy, motivated, and healthy.

Globally, a majority of IT companies have announced a hiring freeze, many have put a hold on existing offers, cut salaries, or even downsized their workforce. With industries across the board facing severe disruptions in their operations and management, we decided to take a humane approach to this crisis.

Recruitment Services

We have taken a bold stance against the crippling Covid-19 situation, and we are continuing to hire for all open positions. In addition, we have taken the following steps:

  • Our virtual recruitment strategy enables us to interview and onboard new employees seamlessly.
  • As an Organization, we have supported and retained those who were parting ways with us to meet their personal commitments, many of which were affected by COVID-19.
  • Those on our Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) are also not being let go of.
  • And more importantly, our appraisals, and work anniversary date salary revisions are still on track.

People Services

We realize that having this kind of a stable lifeboat is absolutely essential for our employees in this situation – if there is any insecurity about their jobs or their incomes, it impacts their family life as well as the way they would approach our customers’ problems. We also understand that this lockdown has disrupted a lot of our work-life balances, and we are having to adapt to a completely new way of working from home. This can be quite tough for people, when the office environment, the closeness of colleagues, the ability to brainstorm with one another is taken away. Morale can be impacted, and more dangerously, mental health. For these reasons, we have undertaken the following:

  • To ensure that our employees are cared for and are kept in good spirits throughout this period, we have had to create a plethora of activities for both individuals and teams.
  • We conduct regular check-ins to see how everyone is doing.
  • Fortnightly company-wide status update calls, and
  • Weekly fun activities and contests to keep spirits up and to motivate.

And so far, it is working! Our efficiency rates are high, our delivery rates are high, and our entire team is as motivated as they have ever been. At our heart, every one of us knows that it’s only together that we can overcome this hurdle and look to the future for better days ahead.

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